I did not buy couches to stay on my feet. No matter what I do, I will always eat. Got to put in work to become that beast. Soon as I open my eyes it’s time to Compete! It is too many humans that might want my spot. If I don’t get what I want, […]

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The Truth can be really tough on the human mind, especially when one tries to avoid it. Avoiding the Truth only brings a human being closer to a lie. You know what is funny about a lie though? It comes from the Truth. How can you avoid such a word when life itself is built […]

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Nature is such a beautiful thing. The reason Nature is so beautiful in my eyes because it gets better by the second, minute, hour, year, etc. It is an on going process and Nature has no intentions of stopping. Just because Nature does not stop does not mean Nature does not know when to slow […]

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Pain can make you insane. Pain can make you better or pain can put you to shame. Pain ain’t nothing to fuck with because it will bring you a lot of stress. If you work through the pain, pain can bring out the best. Without the word pain, there would be no beauty. Without the […]

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The Universe is not called the Universe for no apparent reason. The reason the Universe is called the Universe in my eyes because it is unified between two verses. You might ask, ” What do you mean when you say the Universe is unified between two verses?” You know when someone is going against someone […]

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To have inspiration is to have spirit within. When a human being does not have inspiration they cannot develop the passion within themselves. Inspiration is the wood to fiery passion inside a human being. Without wood, coal, leaves, etc., there could not be fire because inspiration is the foundation to the passion. When the wood […]

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 Patience is something every human being must possess. A human being without patience is like an animal with no strategy because if a human does not possess patience, the human will not possess a thorough strategy. A strategy takes time like patience, so to be patience is to wait on time. Timing is everything when […]

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